How many times
How many times did it take
for us to separate
Only for us to come back to our ways
I mean the way we met
You had always said it was fate
Now you're gone
And all the memories consistently remains

We both knew this was going to end up a mess
But let me tell you
There's nothing that I regret
But I would kill to have you in my arms again
I lived my life with scars from temporary people
Look at me now
I hurt the person that knows me better than I know myself

I wanted to be there
To see you grow
Be there to witness a better man than what you already are
Instead I just damaged a piece of your heart

Toxic is what I am to you
You were right to leave
And I'm here fighting my demons
To let you be

Never will I forget what you mean to me
And maybe Karma will set her course
In the end
Ill get what I deserve