I think this is for someone who is over 16 and not for someone who just turned 16 a month ago (me).

I'm not doing today's challenge exactly the way it says I have to do it, I'll change it and instead of making a list of what I would tell my younger me, I'll make a list of things I wished people had told me, things I wish people tell me now and things I should tell and should have told myself.

1. Don't keep your feelings bottled up inside.

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This is more about love, my feelings and a boy I still like.

This is something I wish someone had told me before because if I had knew that I would have avoided many problems with many people and would be happy right now.

2. Get away from girls your mom warns you about

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Omg, my mom always told me not to trust that little fake bitch and I never obeyed her. Well, she didn't call her 'little bitch', now I called her that... Anyways, you got the point.

My mom always knew that girl wasn't really my friend and that she was a toxic person.
Thanks God I realized how that bitch really is, more than a year ago, after 3 years of 'friendship' i realized it and I know it took me too much time but you know what thay say ''Better late than never''.

She is the most toxic person I have ever met, she is so double-faced and so fucking fake that I can´t even see her because everyone thinks she is nice and kind but that's just beacuse she shows herself like that but if they had gone through all the problems and fights I've had with that fake bitch, everyone would hate her.

3. Don't be so lazy. Join a club and do something after class

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I never joined a club, got into a dance academy or a boxing class (things I wish I had done).
Honestly I'm not good at anything, I don't practice any sport, don't do exercise, don't know how to play and instrumente. NOTHING
I wish i had told my mom I wanted to learn something new not related to shcool to at least see If I have talent for something.

4. Wear sunscreen

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I wish someone had told me: ''Do not stay in the middle of the school campus for 2 hours practicing that stupid dance routine because you'll look like a burnt cookie''. That phrase would have save me from looking like if I had spent 10 hours at the beach without sunscreen.

5. Don't eat at KFC

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Don't ever eat there, the food may taste 'delicious' but It's so bad for your health that it will make you throw up and be sick.

6. Take a lot of care of your teeth

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Cut back on sugar.

Candies are so good but also bad for your teeth, STOP EATING THEM BECAUSE YOU'RE DESTROYING YOUR TEETH.

7. Delete every single nude and dirty conversation from your phone

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First, enjoy the pictures you get, then get rid of them and delete the conversations because in any moment your parents will take your phone, check it and read everything you say when you are horny af.

Note: I'm supposed to list 10 things but I'm in my finals and I don't even have time for taking a 30 minute nap that's why I'm doing just 7 things posting this too late but I'll update it later.


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