Happy Labor Day guys! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day and weekend full of Netflix, snacks, and relaxation (no shame, you deserve it). As much as I wanted to stay in bed and binge on The Office, I decided to use today to kind of get my shiz together instead. I think that planning a day out of the week to step back and get your life in check is super important, especially when you are constantly on the go and busy with work, school, or whatever else that desires your attention throughout the week. I like to call this a ‘gyst day’ aka: get your sh*t together day.

Basically, a gyst day is a stress-free day planned to conquer everything you were too busy to do during the week. For example, whitening your teeth or vacuuming the house. For me a gyst day is super satisfying simply because I love organizing and cleaning (I’m a nerd, I know) and not to mention I get to chill in my pjs all day so it’s a double win. On a real note, it helps me to get more accomplished during the week because it clears my normal daily schedule of those small but necessary little tasks and instead, allows me to compile them into one full, productive day. Honestly, I know it sounds pretty dreadful and boring but it’s probably my favorite day out of the week and it is super effective when it comes to getting things done and at least feeling like you have it all together for a minute.

A few tips I would suggest before jumping in:

1. Pick out a specific day that you know is going to be dedicated to getting your stuff together. For me I typically like to do Saturdays or Sundays but it depends on your schedule and what is most convenient for you.

2. Brainstorm a list of everything you need to get done on your gyst day the night before so when you first wake up you will have a clear picture of what all you need to do and a layout of how you will be spending your day.

3. Relax. The most important tip of all. This day isn’t supposed to be super stressful. Put your normal work to the side for today and don’t even think about it. This day is ultimately meant to be about you. This is your time to maybe pamper yourself and do those beauty routines that you have been neglecting or it could just be guilt-free time you spend reading a book that you don’t have time to read throughout the week. Whatever this day is to you, make sure you allow yourself to slow down and simply enjoy it.

Below I have included some lists and ideas on what you can add to your gyst day schedule to hopefully make your week a little less stressful 🙂

Step 1: Chores

-Windex mirrors and appliances
-Wash windows
-Dust wood surfaces
-Wash bedding
-Wash and put away laundry
-Wash and put away dishes
-Organize clutter
-Clean bathrooms
-Clean kitchen
-Take out trash
-Water plants
-Sweep/clean porch
-Clean countertops
-Clean out purse/bags
-Clean out car
-Wash car
-Vacuum car
-Mow yard
-Pull weeds from landscape

Step 2: Pets
-Walk your dog
-Give your dog a bath
-Take dog to groomer
-Make any appointments (vet, grooming)
-Clean bowls
-Wash bedding/blankets

Step 3: Beauty
-Apply a face mask
-Wash hair
-Whiten teeth
-Hair treatment/mask
-Make appointments (hair, nails, brows)
-Trim/file nails
-Paint nails
-Clip toenails
-Apply self-tanner
-Switch out contact cases
-Clean glasses
-Throw away old products
-Switch tooth brushes
-Switch razors

Step 4: Work/School/Plan
-Complete leftover homework from the previous week
-Set upcoming weekly goals
-Set/check in with long term goals
-Fill in planner for upcoming week
-Make a list of things you need to do in the upcoming week
-Make a grocery list
-Plan upcoming weekly budget
-Meal prep
-Pay bills
-Check email

Step 5: Relax/Have Fun
-Watch a movie
-Take a bubble bath
-Practice yoga
-Have some dessert
-Make yourself a nice dinner
-Burn candles
-Listen to music
-Do a bible study
-Check social media
-Watch Netflix
-Go for a walk
-Pinterest/We Heart It
-Have family/friend time

I hope you all found this list helpful and give it a try. I have been utilizing a gyst day for a few weeks now and my weeks already feel so much more productive and way more organized. Let me know in the comments below what you all like to do to get your life together and/or what you do to relax. As always, thank you for reading 🙂

With love, Danielle

Link: daniellecollison.wordpress.com