You won’t be different.
You’ll still be the same you.
But it might feel off.
It might feel like you have to relearn who you are, what you want, what you need, what matters.

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Because, unknowingly, you learned to think of yourself in relation to your surroundings.
It’s okay, everyone does this.
You aren’t different, you aren’t changing dramatically; you’re just adjusting your perception of yourself and how you fit into this unfamiliar space.

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I know that this is all new. And in that newness there is some fear.
And that's okay.
That's normal.
The unknown is daunting.
That's normal.

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You are relearning how you fit, where you belong. Who are you in this context, in this new place, with these new people?

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It's good.
It's okay.
You will change, because you will grow.
You will adjust and adapt,
as you become more and more yourself.