what does a true friendship mean? what does it symbolise? why is it so important? why should we as people value it?

here in this article i involve my best friend in the world to input her thoughts and feelings as well... her's is the first paragraph and mine is what continues...

this will be a multi used and shared story, with different parts about different things... chapters you can say...

Friendship to me is laughter. It's looking at someone and knowing what they're thinking. It's having so many memories with that person that even the randomest thing makes you think of them - like even going to the store and seeing their brand of ice cream. It's knowing the plot to their favorite books and tv shows despite never seeing them. It's knowing who broke their heart and being there as they put it back together. It's all the little things

friendship is a gem, it is rough and tough at first and you really have to dig through and search to see who truly is real.

it is not the outside part, it must be cleared up, it must be seen purified. and though, not everyone sees the value in it, or sees it as valuable, the one who possesses the gem of the friendship sees a value to it, even if it was found easily, or searched for within years. broken knuckles and bloody fingers sometimes will happen to find the real result of what a real friendship is like. sometimes the gem can be lost, but don’t worry if you truly find and see its sparkle again it will easily be found. only if you want to see it as the gem’s and take knowledge that it is of the gem, or you can ignore it and bypass it as a glass reflection.

friendship should never be taken for granted, ever. friendship is another relationship, but in some cases can even be more important. with a friend you get closer than some relationships of other sorts... why? because first you start with names, then places, then stories, then thoughts, then emotions being known of now another even if miles apart or touching nearly heart to heart because you are looking at each other face to face on you itty bitty bed at a sleepover at their house. friendship is not only about knowing where all their family is from and where their food is in their house, it is knowing so much more than that.

if you are close enough you can practically know they are there just by the different smell in the room... it is like telepathic thoughts and feeling being passed through. memories shared together even if not together. you know if they had a bad day or a good day without needing to discuss it. you can comfort a friend just by being there, no words must be spoken.

you know when they are truly them, when their certain emotions are real of fake.

you know that they only will swear if they are truly mad, you know they will only cry if the are feeling truly broken/vulnerable you even know silly things like what songs they will cry to just because they love them so much, even if they are not supposed to be sad, you know what brand of chocolate they at on certain occasions and based on how their handwriting looks like you can know so many things about them.

in short, friendships, of a true friendship, is understanding without spoken words, emotional connections with just one simple physical movement or signal, secret codes shared without uttered out loud or even moved sometimes all it takes is a blink to know they are sad or a jaw clench to know they are mad or a smirk to know that they are trying so very hard not to burst out laughing while they are supposed to be mad.

friendship is truly a wonderful thing that we should all be so grateful that it has been put on here, this universe, for us.