Sometimes I look at the ocean as if it was everything that's fine in life. I look at it as if it was the only thing capable of filling myself with a beautiful peace. I get lost watching it and I stand in front of it with the feeling there's no better place for me. I have a lot of feelings running through my body. I'm in love with the ocean.
We are oceans, thousands, millions of oceans. We are so difficult. So mean. We are so complicated and so beautiful. We are so huge and so messy sometimes. You are the ocean I've been looking for. I'm not sure you are right for me. Just like the same way if I go too deep in the sea I'll drown. But how can I go away if it's all I want? Everything that makes my head blow. My soul feels free. When I have you around, I don't need much. Just you. But then it gets so cold and so rough and I wanna get out. I want to run and find a safe place. I don't wanna give you my all. I'm scared I will not make it. I need to have my distance.
But then I know I'll return. I am incapable of giving up. And when it gets cold, and hard to deal with, and when it harms me I'll stay because it's harder not having you to break me.