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Today I'm going to show you what I personally feel are the most underrated songs I've heard.

You don't know, by Katelyn Tarver:

This is a very special song for me, it's perfect for a person that is passing through a difficult moment and just need to take breath, this songs tells you that if you are not feeling fine, you have the right to take a break for YOU, if something is not good for you just let go, if you need a minute, or an hour, just take it, because is good for you.

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Nicotine, by Heffron Drive:

First I've got to say that HD is my favorite band, If you didn't hear them before, I really recomend you hear their songs, but let's talk about this song especifically. This song tries to compare the love of someone to a person with the nicotine, saying that the love it's so addictive, like nicotine; I love everything of this song, the rhytym, the lyrics, just everything.

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I'm alright, by Jake Miller:

Perfect, that's what this song it's. The lyrics talk about that how beautiful is the life with the simple things that we got, love, faith, etc. The video it's amazing too, simple, but with a lot of meaning.

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