I'm pretty sure at some point we all have seen super heroes on TV or as toys on a shelf, but have you ever thought that maybe there are real life superheroes standing right next to you. I'm not say that they have super powers such as flight or super speed. What I am saying is that there are really good people out there that are super heroes without even thinking about it.

Think about people that you have seen in the past. Maybe a teacher from when you where little and in school to the cashier at a store. Everyone has there own story to tell. They could have done something really great and no one may know.

So the question that I want you to think about is this. Have you been someone's super hero? And do you want to be someone's super hero? If you answered yes, then think about common things you can do to help today's society. You could donate to the homeless in need, to the Salvation Army or the less fortunate. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen or tutor kids. It may not be noticed by everyone, but trust me when I say that the smallest things will make a world of a difference to someone who really cares.

You may not see it now, but you are someone's hero. And if they didn't or weren't able to say thank you, I want to thank you for the greatness that you have done. Keep on being a great person.