This one is about depression.

i think im falling
where i didn't want to fall
and everyday is deeper
deeper, deeper and deeper
and i don't know why
i thought it wasn't going to happen to me
but sure i was wrong
and if i fall
its's going to be bad
because i don't think i can get back
and t's very dark
falling it's not something good
in fact is really bad
because im not talking
about red and smile
im talking about black and dark
darkness where nobody can see it
and that's the scary thing
if you don't stop before you fall
you're never going to be seen
im falling
but i still have time
and if i don't
im not saying goodbye.

Sham Rojas.

NOTE: this one it's very personal because im talking about my own personal struggle. im not depressed, im just starting to be sad all the time and im scared that i would fall into depression. this topic is very serious and nobody should be going through it alone. please spread love and always be kind you don't know what other people are going through.

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