I met a boy in which I fell in love with.
He broke my heart and then I wrote about him.
I wrote and I wrote and I described him as a hurricane. A drug, something sinister, a ghost in the night because he perished after a shivering haunting.
I was alone for awhile.
And after I wrote all of these things about the boy who didn't matter I soon realized the only one that truly mattered, was me.
The entire time I didn't let my self worth show not one bit because I was so afraid of disappointing myself for some odd reason.
A reason of the unknown.
That's when I found the sun again and I knew that the sun didn't rise nor fall on any other person ever again.
You are loved, and when the boy who stood you up isn't the one for you passes you by is doing worse than you, smile.
He is not the sun. You are.