i am going somewhere
i am not really sure where
just that it is on a path
it may be foreign
it may be common
it may be real
it may be imagined

all i need from you is your support through this time
it will get hard
it will get tough at times
it may stress me out

but i know what is best for me
i know what i am meant to do on this path
i have been told why i should go there
and i have a powerful source of force behind me as my guidance
the moonlight leads my path at the darkest nights of it
so even if there is a hard time
my mind still sees that i am going somewhere
even in the darkest nights the moon just gets brighter and lighter so i see more of what is happening
the brightest days still also need a guidance path
so the sun stays as my leader

my intuition will keep me safe and knowing

don't worry for me

just support me

and know
that me going here and there
can lead us to do better things and have more amazing moments