Although many of you will never get the chance to see my skin in person. I think I'd still like to share my routine with you as it may help at least one of you out there. A lot of people including myself at times, like to believe that I was born with "blessed skin" as they may say. In somebody's eyes I am, in my eyes, everyday is a constant battle with at least one part of my face. Sometimes I'll wake up and have five, or more white heads on my nose, sometimes I'll wake up with blemishes on my chin or at the top of my cheekbones . And sometimes I have those hard to get rid of pimples between my eyebrows, you know the ones that appear right after you've tweezed or waxed that area. Those are my skin care struggles. And although they aren't as major as others, its still a personal battle. I work hard to keep my skin clear, and when I don't there's an obvious difference. I've been working on my skin since I turned 12, and its taken me a while to establish this routine.

I believe that skin care all begins with what you eat/consume. You could be using the most expensive skin care products in the world, and yet your skin may not be at its best place still. So the first part of my skin care routine would be drinking a cup of green tea at least once a day. You do not need to excessively drink it, just drinking it once a day can give your skin and body the nutrients it needs. Also remember to stay hydrated trying to slowly switch out soda for water, hydration is the a major key!

My second important step is sleep, I think the amount of sleep I get has a lot to do with the condition of my skin. Of course no matter how much I sleep I still have under eye bags. However not enough sleep can make your skin dull and not as vibrant and youthful as it potentially can be. I love my naps, and I'm not ashamed of that, even as high school student, naps are always at the top of my priority list. If I had to add it up, I would say during the school year on a daily basis I can sleep anywhere from 8 1/2 to 12 hours. I know for some of you, maybe most of you, can't do that or don't have the time. However making sure to get at least 8 hours can be beneficial to your mind and your skin.

Now I'm going to get into what actual products I use... Just to let you all know I own three different face washes and I'll explain each one as I go.

So my daily face wash that I use when my skin is alright, in a good place is the Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil face wash. Its light, it tingles and makes my face feel fresh, I swear by this face wash, and have been using it for the last 5 years. The face wash is gentle, so its great if you have sensitive skin, it also doesn't get all soapy and foamy. Its just simple and refreshing, I also use it to clean my beauty blender when I remember to...

My next face wash, is for when my skin isn't super bad but does need a bit of cleaning, its the Biore Charcoal face wash. I love the feeling this stuff gives my skin right after. I like to use this one when my skin feels a little oily especially in my t-zone area. What I like to do is take one of those regular $13 non automatic face brushes from Sephora and put that on the brush and just kind of scrub in circular motions and not very harshly!

My last face wash is the Neutrogena Grapefruit gel cleanser. Just going to warn you all now, this face wash is a little harsher on the skin as it has salicylic acid. It also can be a little drying at time, so I would not recommend using this as an everyday face wash. The only times I use this is when I have white heads or blackheads, not even on blemishes.

For moisturizers I used to use the Vitamin E daytime moisturizer from the Body Shop but instead and I'm not even sure if this is I moisturizer I use the Vitamin E lotion cleanser from the Body shop as well. I find the cleanser is lighter, i just use about the pea-size amount and thats good enough to put on my face and neck.

I believe thats it for my usual skincare routine, I mean as much as I can remember if you guys would like a part two where I talk about which masks I use and essential oils and stuff like that let me know. Send me a postcard I guess or something like that. Also a friendly reminder that not all of this is guaranteed to work on your skin. I believe that every single one of us has different skin from the next person, its beautiful skin nonetheless. If you're comfortable in your skin than go you, if you aren't and you're working to change that, than that's great also. Whatever makes you happy!

Goodbye for now loves,