Okay, okay, okay, I'm not talking about the triviality being a good thing in itself, what I mean is that we can get something good out of it. Not many people understand it easily, whether they are depressed or cheerful. To reach this point of view one has to be as sensitive as strong. It's ironic, I know, but if you still don't understand, you'll see what I mean.

An essential secret to this is: let off steam. I don't mean that you simply complain about your problems with someone, much less that you go to cut your veins. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to express ourselves directly or to release everything at once, but there is always a way that something we want to happen, as perhaps in this case, find ourselves emotionally compliant with us. It's accepting the present and accepting what you feel.

But what kind of relief do you mean? And how am I supposed to do it? It's simple. If you are a person who really hates being sad but who likes to wear a bright smile on your face, it is easier for you to get out of this mood change but to waste what a feeling could offer you. If you are a person who, as it were, has been through a lot and always walks with a sharp face of "Go to hell" gives many the message that you don't care about anything or anyone or that you are unbreakable; if I tell you the truth, in case you didn't know, you're much vulnerable than you think.

Do you begin to notice? It is also a matter of being yourself. Each individual on earth has the ability to think, which makes us have a creative side (one unique and exciting). Ding-Ding-Ding! Maybe some people guessed what I was driving them: the incredible world of art. For many it means nothing, but for you great WHI fans, art is where imagination, aesthetics and feeling have no limits. So, if you haven't yet found your creative side, why don't you just find it?

But stop! We are talking about sadness and its inspiration. In this website and in many others, you can find many depressive phrases, depressive pictures, depressive people and many other depressing things, and it's not exactly what I want them to be, "depressive" but lead to an improved "Cool Depressive" . You see, there are many styles and currents that are based and often focus on sadness like the Indie, Grunge and Alternative (my favorite three) are currents originated in the 80s so they already have a notorious touch. You can use them in both music and painting and even literature. It's always expressed in a deep, interesting, vibrant and stylish way, and depending on each one has a great personal settlement in what we work.

To make some ideas I will give you as an example some figures that express sadness:

Lana Del Rey who was an alcoholic in her teens, after going through rehabilitation, studied philosophy at the university and discovered her musical passion. Her songs are dark, sad but at the same time contagious and notalgic.

Melanie Martinez emerged in 2012 when she participated in The Voice. She made her debut as a singer in 2014 with her EP Dollhouse, which many have been impacted by her Alter-ego Cry Baby, the tragic and very dark history of this character has made her songs something impressive.

Frida Kahlo was a painter. She painted a lot about her illness and some traumas with depth, accepting art and her illness as part of it.

Edgar Allan Poe writer with traumas from childhood, so recognized by his short stories and tales of terror, became the restorer of the Gothic novel.

In conclusion, you can take advantage of accepting what you feel as it is, regardless of whether they are negative emotions, what counts is not to let you flood with them. You can be a melancholy person if you want but don't allow opaque moments that could be the most incredible in your life. Maybe there are things you can't overcome but don't let them outweigh you.