Why do people fear losing things they don't even have?

This question prompt really got me thinking, more then usual. (Haha) This struck me sharply, because I realized that I often think about this. Happy smart and positive people generally have their life laid out in front of them and planned out. People fear, well, fear. They don't like to think about anything that may stop their life progression, or make their happy life crumble and fall beneath them. In other words, people hate the ugly truths of life. I think that's why people hate thinking about dying so much. Or hell, or wherever they might end up.
What people don't have, they don't know the future. Trust me I sometimes really wanna know the future, but even if we did know it, we could never prevent something bad heading to us. It's part of our destiny. I have another question that sort of falls in line with this all, "What advice would you give to an infant?". Not that they could begin to comprehend us, but I would probably say the whole clique, "It gets better! No matter how hard life gets!" Well... I think that yea sure, your life can be the hardest trial that stands between you and happiness... but I'm not going to lie and say "it gets better." It's a simple ugly truth. For some people, it depends our destiny. I would say most of the time, of people I know who have gone through tough times, it does get better eventually, but also for others,.. it doesn't get better. Not even till your death day. Sadly, that's the ugly truth.

Sorry, this one was kinda sloppily written, but yea haha its pretty late. I saw this on a picture.

Life asked Death, "Death, why do people hate you but love me?"
Death responded, "Because you're a beautiful lie, and I'm a painful truth."