She was the first one, my Scarecrow. Lonely up in her field with the crows pecking at her, I released her from her post, and she joined me on this journey. A girl who loves with her whole heart and sometimes doesn't think ahead but I love her dearly; I know she'll be with me till the end, even when trees throw apples at us, flying monkeys attack us, and witches try to hex us.

Then, it was him. My darling Tin Man, a guy who can laugh in even the worst situations. He has the most brilliant mind I've ever seen but sometimes it gets in the way of his heart. I know that he will do amazing things some day with that big brain of his. When he cares about someone, that's it, you're basically stuck with him and I think that's amazing. I love you, Tin Man.

Now, I don't know much about my Lion, except that he is anything but cowardly. This guy is street smart, and fun, and he does good for others, educating them on things most people don't know. I'm glad to have met you, Lion.

These three idiots will forever be mine and I couldn't be happier... They are my home and I can't wait until I'm with them again.