***Hey my loves! let's all be real, music is the solution to all of our problems! To me, music is my antidote. Whenever i'm feeling down, happy or mad, music always keeps me going. I thought it would be nice if i shared with you some of my fave jams! Enjoy lovlies...***

*One of my fav artists is Lana Del Rey. She is the queen of chill vibes. Her music just makes you want to let out all of your feelings whether it's love, anger or sadness. these are just some of my favs of her!

-Born To Die by: Lana Del Rey
-National Anthem by: Lana Del Rey
-Carmen by: Lana Del Rey
-Summertime Sandness by: Lana Del Rey
-Ride by: Lana Del Rey
-Summer Bummer by: Lana Del Rey ft. A$AP Rockey
-Ultraviolence by: Lana Del Rey
-Brooklyn Baby by: Lana Del Rey

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*I came across this group a couple weeks ago and i am obsessed with 4 of their songs! These are my ultimate chill vibes.

-Get Away by: The Internet
-Under Control by: The Internet
-Girl by: The Internet ft. KAYTRANADA
-Special Affair by: The Internet
-Wires by: The Neighbourhood
-Nym by: Phlux

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~ RAP ~
*Kendrick Lamar is my all time favourite rap artist. I feel like he really speaks through his songs about his life and he shows that he's not afraid to speak up!

-Alright by: Kendrick Lamar
-FEAR. by: Kendrick Lamar
-DNA. by: Kendrick Lamar
-ELEMENT. by: Kendrick Lamar
-YAH. by: Kendrick Lamar
-LOYALTY. by: Kendrick Lamar
-HUMBLE. by: Kendrick Lamar
-LOVE. by: Kendrick Lamar
-GOD. by: Kendrick Lamar
-4:44 by: JAY-Z
-4 AM by: 2 Chainz ft. Travis Scott

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*I LOVE dancing to this music it has such an uplifting effect on me that i just can't shake! For those of you that know how to shuffle dance, all i can say is SAME!

-Flamingo by: Oliver Heldens
-I Don't Wanna Go Home by: Oliver Heldens
-Last All Night by: Oliver Heldens (koala) ft. KStewart
-Shades Of Grey by: Oliver Heldens ft. Delany Jane
-Waiting by: Oliver Heldens
-Real Love by: Antonio Giacca
-Sensation by: Antonio Giacca
-We Don't Need No Sleep by: Croatia Squad
-Rapture by: Funkin Matt
-Promisses by: Tchami
-After Life by: Tchami
-Missing You by: Tchami

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*Happiness is key in everyday of our lives, add music to that and you will feel AMAZING!!!! These are some of the songs that never fail to put me in a happy mood.

-Not About Love by: AlunaGeorge
-More Than You Know by: Axwell Ingrosso
-Rollin by: Calvin Harris
-Memories by: David Guetta
-American Boy by: Estelle ft. Kanye West
-Empire State Of Mind by: JAY-Z and Alecia Keys
-Stronger by: Kanye West
-Ms. Jackson by: Outkast
-Woo by: Rihanna
-Fetish by: Selena Gomez

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*I hope you guys enjoyed! Send me feedback on what your favourite song is! Until next time my dears...