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This is the second of a series of articles I'm going to post about Taylor's songs (if you still haven't, you can check the first one right here Today the article is about her promotional single ... Ready for it?. Differently from Look What You Made Me Do, this is a love song. So, l'll try to analyze the lyrics from the perspective of someone in love, which I hope you'll enjoy!
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Knew he was a killer
First time that I saw him
Wonder how many girls he had loved
And left haunted

Did you know that the human brain takes only 6 seconds to form an opinion about someone, just by looking at them? Here we have a similarity to the chorus of another Taylor song, I Knew You Were Trouble. Who has never looked at a guy and you just knew he was a heartbreaker, but you couldn't help but feel intrigued?

But if he's a ghost
Then I can be a phantom
Holdin' him for ransom

Here the girl accepts the role of a "phantom", since the guy is a "ghost". Two of a kind, no denial and no judgments. They're the same, so she decides to go for it and keep him to herself.

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Some, some boys are tryin' too hard
He don't try at all though
Younger than my exes
But he act like such a man, so
I see nothing better, I keep him forever
Like a vendetta-ta

It's inevitable, at the beginning of a relationship, not to compare our current beau with our exes or, let's face it, with the rest of the guys on earth. And when we get to the conclusion that our new guy is the best, well... We just hope that it'll last forever.

I-I-I see how this is gonna go
Touch me, and you'll never be alone
I-Island breeze and lights down low
No one has to know

The desire kicks off now. Physical craving. Imagining what it'd be like to touch and be touched. Trying to keep things between just the two of them for now. It's a natural unfolding in any relationship.

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In the middle of the night, in my dreams
You should see the things we do, baby
In the middle of the night, in my dreams
I know I'm gonna be with you
So I take my time
(Are you ready for it?)

Here we have the clear confession of the desire. We're dreaming about the (hopefully) upcoming physical encounter. No doubts this is one of Taylor's most sexual songs ever. The intentions here are clear: a woman wanting a man as her lover. She wants him very much, is he ready for everything she has to offer?

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Me, I was a robber
First time that he saw me
Stealing hearts and running off
And never saying sorry

If the guy is a killer, the girl is a self-proclaimed robber. Both criminals, both with many notches in their belts. The similarity with IKYWT ends here. The girl is not a victim in this story, she's as guilty as the guy (and she's proud of it).

But if I'm a thief
Then he can join the heist
And we'll move to an island-and
And he can be my jailer

The commom ground between both of them has been found, so now they can build something on this ground. And the flames of their desire continue to grow as they want to be left alone to exploit these flames.

Burton to this Taylor
Every lover known in comparison is a failure
I forget their names now
I'm so very tame now
Never be the same now, now

At this point, they have already connected physically and there's no point in comparing anymore: she has never experienced a love like this before and she's changed forever.

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A reference to the romance between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. They married and divorced twice. In her last days, Taylor described Burton as "the only one I truly loved".

Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin
(Are you ready for it?)
Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin
(Are you ready for it?)

If you are a fan, you have probably realized that Taylor has compared love to a game many times in her songs ("love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right" [State of Grace], "you know I love the players and you love the game" [Blank Space], "I lived in your chess game, but you changed the rules every day" [Dear John], "In the middle of the game you changed everything, you changed the rules" [In The Pouring Rain]), so she's probably talking about love in this song too. After all they've been through since that first encounter, the girl is ready to bet in this new relationship. She's ready for it. Is he?

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That's it, guys! Hope you enjoyed this interpretation as well! See ya soon!