So today...was a rough day.

Now that im writing this i am thinking of how ridiculous this may sound to you, because i know that in the world there are bigger problems than this.

But i have to talk about it.

I have been kind of "in love" with this guy. He treated me so good and he was always hugging me and stuff like that. People arounds us constantly asked if we were a couple.

Right now you may be wondering..."and?thats a good thing, no?".

Well, it is not that simple. He is the type of guy who makes every girl fall in love with him, not because he is handsome or popular but he is very kind, and funny and knows how to care for you.

Recently he met this new girl. She has brown eyes and beautiful long hair. She has great body and has confidence. She has a pretty smile.
Today i was talking with my friend and she told me that she saw him with this new girl, and they were almost kissing.

I was sad....and i still sad. I mean, for a time i was in her place (not exactly as a lover but yes as a friend) and he never saw me in the way he looks at her. Even when i was putting all of myself in it.

And it hurts as hell. For me he was like "woooah" and for him i am like nothing. I am not even like air which even being invisible is important.

The point is.....My heart is broken.

LESSON OF THE DAY: If he is for you, he will be put in your way in any moment, no matter what. If he is not for you....he will never be. Even if you try hard for changing his heart and his mind about you, you cant force it. So the best thing to do is...just let him go.

I guess im tired of this attachment and THIS is the moment where i let go.

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