Raindrops, I see raindrops.

Each and every single drop thats on the window in the vast cafe ease to drip, I see kids racing drops, to see which one drops first. I see college students finishing their homework last minute, I see assistants buying coffee for their boss, I see waiters trying their best to attend each and every costumer as friendly as they can, I see my reflection on my spoon, I see my eyes filled with hope and then I see...


I don't see,

I don't see you.

This was your favorite spot, every morning you'd come with a friend or two to enjoy the simplest and exquisite taste coffee brings. Messy hair from staying up too late finishing your homework or maybe, studying for exams and your weak smile because you just woke up and don't feel like you have enough energy, yet you never stopped smiling.

Oh, but your eyes, your chocolate brown eyes could never get out of my head.

Why did you go? What did I do wrong? Most importantly, what was more important than the love you promised me?

Now I come here every morning, to get my fluffy pancakes and my coffee, as dark as your parting, and hope that one day you'll pass, through that door.

And so I whisper to myself "My heart will forever leave the doors open, even in the winter."