It's like everyone I run into is a drunk party girl. They're always "lit" and drinking or smoking. And unfortunately for some, I'm not that girl. I don't twerk on people and yell "ayyyy" to some popular rap song talking about big booty chicks. I don't find it entertaining to watch others "go off" and drink themselves silly. I don't dance on top of tables and wear clothes that show my skin.

And I'm not sorry.

I wear clothes that are cozy and cover up places where the sun shouldn't shine.I listen to music that makes me happy, inspires me, and speaks to me. I watch the Flash on Netflix instead of going out on Saturdays and don't regret it at all. I have meaningful conversations about how to heal and care for others. I laugh at "lame" jokes that have silly answers. And yes, I could drink a whole gallon of apple juice in ONE DAY. That is who I am. And like I said I am not sorry, but I am not your drunk party girl.

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