#10 Skrillex - Rock n roll
Old dubstep never dies

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#9 Deadmau5 - ghost n' stuff
One of the best progressive house from the year 2009

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#8 Tim berg - Seek bromance
The house track from the year 2010 can be found with vocals or an instrumental version, both are amazing (yeah, tim berg was the first Avicii´s dj name)

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#7 Sebastian Ingrosso - Reload
Who remember this song? You can listen it in recent Tomorrowland sets

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#6 Paul van Dyk - Eternity
You can't find a song for dedicate to your gf/ bf? Take a look for some old trance, problem solved

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#5 Dash Berlin - better half of me
You can find this track in the album #MusicIsLife, the most romantic lyrics can be found on this album

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#4 Calvin Harris - We found love
This is a classical and we can still enjoying this one in some parties even knowing was released in the year 2013

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#3 Tiësto - Elements of life
8 minutes of trance, a beautiful work from one of the older djs that still doing an amazing work for us

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#2 Armin van Buuren - Not giving up on love
How to forget the king of trance, with this beautiful song and the vocals by Sophie Ellis Bextor, released on 2010

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#1 Swedish house mafia - Don't you worry child
Old school edm lovers still singing hard each time this song is played on some clubes, the last song played for the group in the UMF Miami on 2013

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