books that have affected my life, part one.

'carry on' rainbow rowell.

carry on by rainbow rowell gave me a reason to live, love. i was there throughout simon's journey to save his home.

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i was there when his feelings for baz started to consume his heart, he didn't know it but i knew.

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i was there when he was abandoned over and over again, by both his family and his friends.

book, carry on, and baz image book, carry on, and baz image fire, black, and boy image fire, match, and grunge image

i was there when he was lied to, and beaten to the ground.

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i was there screaming at the top of my lungs, breaking my wrists trying to break the barrier between fiction and reality, while baz tried to kill himself.

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i was there when #snowbaz left bombs over the internet, leaving every fangirl and fanboy in an emotional roller coaster.

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i was there for everything. every tear. every death, every kiss, every hit, every panic attack, every mystery and every scone that was consumed by simon (hungry bastard).

go read the book. i promise you, you won't regret it.

-malakai ✩