We all need to stay together. we need to keep united.
Give your hands with some stranger.
Because despite of being a stranger we are all human.
We are all worthy and beautiful in the moment we are born.
We can continue this path. there's already too much hate and egoism in our world.
We need to fight with love. fight for equality and humanity.
We need to take care of our great green and blue planet.
Remember that you can have different ethics and opinions.
Remember that you should be able to dress the way you like, to do everything you like without harming anyone.
Please speak your mind. be honest with yourself. and if you weren't able to do that before, there's no problem. we grow, like our little plants and trees.

If someday you feel alone remember that you can speak with strangers, "stranger" is just a word for what we don't know yet. on what we don't understand yet. YET.
You can talk with me, with your friends, your family.

Because you know what?

You are worthy.
You are beautiful.
You are human.
We are.