I'm back sorry for not upload this new part of the KPOP Best Groups saga early but i was researching to bring you more variety of groups. (* ^ ω ^)

So let's begin with this new part BOY GROUPS.

BOY GROUPS are more varied than girl groups and i also think that are more boy groups than girl groups.

An aclaration first these lists are put in alphabetical order BUT but I put those that in my opinion are the best at the end of the two parts.



crazy, kpop, and himchan image

Well this is a great group i'm going to say what are those that greats that they have:
°And more...

b.a.p, daehyun, and bap image
My Bias Here: Daehyun (❤ω❤)
  • Recammended Songs:
b&w, gif, and korean image
angel, zelo, and youngjae image
ANGEL (1004) It's so good i love it so recommended
matrix, bang yong guk, and youngjae image
YOUNG, WILD & FREE (Young Spirit)
gif, feel so good, and b.a.p image
Feel So Good (LOL)
bap and b.a.p image
That's My Jam (Summer)


I put Beast and Highlight together but i respect your opinion if this make you feel upset or something, for me is the same team.

beast, b2st, and junhyung image beast, b2st, and kpop image

These guys are so good as a team for real, they compose their own albums, and make their own perfomances. Now they change their agency for some problems but they debut as "Highlight".

yoseob, beast, and kpop image abs, beast, and kpop image
My Bias Here: Yang Yoseop (Enjoy the gif) *-*
  • Recommended Songs:
beast, kpop, and dance image
Ribbon (So Beautiful)
beast, kpop, and b2st image
12:30 (FAVORITE)
beast, junhyung, and dongwoon image
FICTION (Legend)


bigbang, big bang, and daesung image

These legends are too great in their songs, concepts and perfomances that are the best of the best. Another group that make history with the 10 amazing years.

seungri and bigbang image
My Bias Here is: Seungri *-*
  • Recommended Songs:
big bang and lets not fall in love image big bang and lets not fall in love image big bang and lets not fall in love image big bang and lets not fall in love image
Let's Not Fall In Love (An amazing song) I dont find seungri gif
big bang, gif, and k-pop image
Fantastic Baby (Legend)
g-dragon, daesung, and taeyang image


jung yong hwa, lee jong hyun, and lee jung shin image

CNBLUE is a unique idol group because it's a band group and they are so genious in their song. They compose by themselfs all their songs in korean as well in japanese and even in english.

Jonghyun, cnblue, and kpop image
My Bias Here: Jonghyun (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  • Recommended Songs:
Flagged For Review
Can't Stop (Korean)
gif, song, and yong hwa image
Truth (Japanese)


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They are too funny and charismatic as well talented. Their songs are so good accompanied with great concepts. Also have a great teamwork.

got7, JB, and kpop image
My Bias Here: JB (Jaebum)
  • Recommended Songs:
gif, JB, and kpop image
Just Right (Beautiful Song for girls hear it)
boys, gif, and JYP image
If You Do (Bad Womens)
black, dance, and gif image
Never Ever (Favorite ever ever)


boys, k-pop, and L image

They are so talented, they deserve more love than they have.
Their songs are really good with great sharp dances.
Stan Them¡¡

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My Bias Here: L (Myungsoo)
  • Recommended Songs:
be mine, boys, and dance image
Be Mine (LEGEND)
dance, gifs, and L image
Last Romeo (Favorite Old Song)
gif, L, and sungjong image
The Eye (Favorite New Song, Great MV)


Yes Boy Groups have 3 parts ¡¡
Listen and see all my suggestions they are so great ¡¡

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With Love