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Favorite Songs:

  • Show You Off
  • What You Do to Me
  • Can't Say No
  • Nothin' Like You
  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • Parking Brake
  • Party Girl
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Already Ready
  • Round the Clock
  • Lately
  • Sway
  • Obsessed


Where It All Began (2014)

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Obsessed (2016)

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When a guy like me gets a girl like you. Yeah, you better know we're gonna take it downtown. Showin' everybody what I'm crazy about. Anywhere we go, gotta let 'em all know. And I'mma tattoo your name on my arm. Baby, I just wanna show you off.
- Show You Off
I drive away from your house chasing butterflies out. Girl, I don't know how you do it. Roll the radio down. Say, "I love you" out loud. Man, I think I'm about to lose it. Ain't my thing to jump the gun. But I called my daddy said, "She's the one." Said, "Boy better get that ring if you really wanna change her name." Like a merry-go-round, got my head spinnin' round and round and round. That's just what you do do do do do do do to me.
- What You Do to Me
It's 7 am, baby. Trying to catch up on a little sleep. It's way too early, baby. For you to be crawling all over me. Next thing you know we're driving around. She's dragging me all over town. Ain't another girl in the world that can do me like that.
- Can't Say No
Hey, beautiful girl in your own little world. Let me in it. You got all of my attention and you ain't even tryin'. Yeah, you're my kind of different. And I've never seen nothin', nothin' like you. Shades on spinnin' in a summer rain. Dancin' when there ain't no music. Just the right kind of crazy, baby. Somethin' 'bout you. Rockin' that rock 'n roll t-shirt. Whole party dressed up but you just doin' your thing. Ain't nobody ever seen nothin' like you.
- Nothin' Like You
Hey girl, whatcha think about this? I really wanna kiss your lips. Got a lot more room in the back. Whatcha think about that? Oh yeah, let's get a little closer. Lean in and I'll take over. We can just take it slow. Let it roll, if you wanna. Kick back, move in on the down-low. Where your sun tan lights up when the stars glow. Write your name on the fogged up window. Throw your feet on the dash. Girl, you know I'm cool with that. Little Tom Petty, "Free Fall" by midnight. Turn it off, turn you on when it feels right. Out here in the wide open. Let yourself let go somewhere only we know.
- Somewhere Only We Know
Middle of the middle of nowhere now. Go ahead girl, let your hair down. Just close your eyes. It's gonna be a damn good night. Cut off the engine, toss the keys. Ain't nobody here but you and me. And a little moonlight. Out here in the countryside. I got a feeling that you're crazy about me too. Girl, don't you ever stop. The smell of honeysuckle on a riverbank. Fireflies, sweet tea, and the summer rain. Pouring all the way, all the way down. Cherry red lips calling out my name. Two tone Ford and that parking brake. Pushed all the way, all the way down.
- Parking Brake
I don't need all them hummin', buzzin' neon signs. Long as you got that, "come and get me" look in your eyes. Yeah, I'mma stay right here. So we can disappear. We can do it up right. Take me to the party girl. In the same t-shirt that you wear to bed. While the ceiling fan turns to the rhythm that we're spinning. Bare feet on the floor. In the living room light. Got me begging for more of that party girl. Struttin' down the hall like a beauty queen. Long legs and all. Got me meltin' in the cushion of an old love seat. Don't get much better than you and me and this party girl.
- Party Girl
Hold your body like a sweet, sweet rose. From your long brown hair to your curled up toes. Pull you in, keep you close. I wanna know the you nobody knows. Baby, fall. You're safe here in my arms. We can cover all the windows and hide out in the dark. Lady, we can lay here and be lazy. Let it all go. I'll be your pillow, slide just a little closer. Let me warm you up. Darlin', drown in the river that you're caught in. I wanna get lost in your silhouette. And don't forget that red, wet kiss on my lips. We don't have to go outside. Baby, just close your eyes.
- Close Your Eyes
I know we just walked in but I'm already thinking about leaving. Gotta get you back in my shirt. Get you out that dress, get you out them shoes that you like so much. Everybody at the party is checking your body. I don't even mind it 'cause you're coming with me, girl. And I know it's only 7:32 but looking at you. I'm already ready to go.
- Already Ready
'Cause you make it easy. You get my heart beating out of my chest. And the rest doesn't matter. You are the reason for the way that I'm feeling now. And I ain't never gonna stop loving you, loving you round the clock.
- Round the Clock
Have I told you that I love you, that you're funny, that you're sweet. And I love what's outside and everything that's underneath. Have I told you that I miss you every second I'm asleep. And I love the way you're smiling when I kiss you in my dreams.
- Lately
Let's lose track of time and just sway. Put your head on my shoulder. Let the music come and take us over. Let me pull you in a little bit closer. Baby, close your eyes. Why don't we just stay right here in the moment. I wanna feel you moving nice and slow, yeah. When there's nothing words can say. Let's dance the night away and just sway.
- Sway
Candles burning, ruby red. Sheets are falling off the bed. Run your fingers through my hair. I know what you're thinking, take me there.
- Obsessed

Us Dasher's love you <3