Today I'm going to be talking about this amazing tv show called The Bold Type.

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Why for me it is so amazing?

I have some reasons that I want to share with all of you.

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Because it is a feminist tv show

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I don't know about all of you, but I'm feminist in all sense of the world. This tv show has a little of that. I love it because this tv show highlights that. It is about this three friends and his journey in Scarlet magazine, and yes the magazine has a little feminism too. Also, the relationship between the three friends is really cool and cute. I wish I had some of that.

Because is a light tv show

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Why I said that it is a light tv show?

Okay, with this tv show I can sit in my bed with my favourite drink and food, and watch it, and laugh, and be just relax. This show has that power to help me feel totally relax, and be entertain in the same way. Is a really amazing feeling.


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The thing with the empowerment helps me to feel amazing with who am I. To feel strong, and that I can do anything. So, this tv show has that. The Bold Type has that spark in every episode in where you feel completely okay with yourself. It boost you self steem in a beautiful way.

It also has a lesbian relationship that I adore a lot! It is Adena and Kat, and they are just a beautiful and cute couple! So, I love that too about this tv show that it doesn't have prejuice, and encourage the girls and the people to be brave and be yourself. That's just beautiful.

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Every girl should watch The Bold Type. The tv show carries a strong message of feminism, strong woman, empowerment, and that with effort you can live your dream. In the same way, you have fun watching it.

So this is all. I hope you all like it and give it the chance to the tv show. You're going to love it. Believe me.

Until the next time!
xoxo, T.