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Welcome back to another article on we heart it. I hope you all are having a great day or night wherever you are from.

Today I thought I would share 20 things that I hope to achieve during my life time here on earth. I have more things that I would want to achieve on my bucket list but here are 20 things that I want to do that are one my bucket list.

1. Find a Job that i love to do.
2. One day build my family their dream house and buy it for them.
3. Speak another language fluently.
4. Create my own affordable makeup line that is good quality.
5. Build my dream house one day and have a home library/dance studio/music room that has a recording studio and art room.
6. Have my own car and own my own house.
7. Have a photo shoot.
8. Get my license.
9. Become a good dancer.
10. Learn how to sing.
11. Learn how to play keyboard.
12. See the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and take pictures of celebrities stars that I like.
13. Learn to be positive.
14. Take my mum on a trip to Minnesota and visit Paisley Park and go on one of the tours that Paisley Park have.
15. Have a wardrobe that i actually like.
16. Start and have a successful charity that helps out the poor and homeless people.
17. Write a book and get it published.
18. Own a professional camera.
19. Start a youtube channel.
20. Meet Beyonce.

📚Happy Reading

Tamera 🙂