For those of you confused on what and how feminism works, I'm here to clear up the topic for you.

Hi, I'm Kaitlynn and I'm a feminist and I, sadly, have seen a lot of people hate on feminist because some people still can't stand it when a woman stands up for her rights. They like to make false accusations on feminist, but I'm here to tell you why those accusations aren't true.

• FEMINISM ISNT THE FIGHT FOR WOMEN TO BE SEEN AS BEING BETTER THAN MEN, JUST THE FIGHT TO BE SEEN AND TREATED EQUAL. I know people that still blame women for what they're wearing. Example; if a woman got raped, it's her fault because the shorts she's wearing were too short. Not the man's fault for kidnapping and raping her in the first place.

• Feminist aren't sexist bitches who use the term to feel better than men. We dont/ shouldn't bring up the feminism to feel better than men. Truth is, we aren't better than men, we're equal. We can do anything a man can and are just trying to prove that to you.

• Yes, a man can be a feminist. There is nothing wrong with a man being a feminist. In fact, in my opinion, it's hot as hell. I find almost nothing hotter than a man fighting for women and supporting women rights. There is nothing wrong with it, so ladies and gentlemen, be proud to be a feminist.

• LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO HATE ANYTHING ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. There is nothing in the world I hate seeing more than a woman hating on feminism, claiming "it's too mean to think that women are better than men". Little does she know that it was feminist in the early 1800's that even allow her to speak the dumbass words coming out of her mouth. If it wasn't for feminist taking a stand on women rights all those years ago, we would be seen as pieces of meat to any man living. We would be beaten and raped and if those brave women many years ago didn't stand up to put a stop to it, no one would care. We would be nothing more than a baby maker, taking care of kids at home. We wouldn't have jobs, nor be as free as we are now. So REALLY think about hating a feminist and feminism the next time you get paid or is able to say "NO" to your handsy boyfriend at home.

• The most offensive thing you can do to a woman is to belittle them. I saw a rude comment about a feminist the other day. 'A man and women were on a date and they get their check. The guy looks at the girl and says "you're not going to be one of those feminists who insist on paying half the bill, are you?"' I, personally, got offended. What's wrong with a woman paying half the bill? What's wrong with a feminist? Can't a woman pay half the bill because she WANTS to pay half the bill? And why do you call her a feminist as if it's a bad thing? If I were in that situation, I would have called him off, tell him that, in fact, I am a proud feminist and because of this rude comment he can pay the entire bill by walking out of there and never talking to him again. But in the situation I was reading, the girl just laughed it off and said a simple no. This made me mad because he was implying that feminist are over dramatic about trying to be equal. We want to be equal, but we are still women and we like it if a guy takes us out for a bite to eat as a kind gesture.

• FEMINISM ISNT JUST ABOUT BEING EQUAL TO MEN BUT ALSO ABOUT WOMEN ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES. Because of how society is, women always hate on each other or themselves. It shouldn't matter if you're 20 or 120 pounds over your weight. You're still beautiful as long as you have a happy personality. In reality, we shouldn't try so hard to obtain a perfectly slim figure or nice long hair, but we do and we do it because of men. "Men" like women with big asses and big breast, not their personality or how amazing their smile is. If you're a woman then you should be happy with how you are and one day a REAL MAN will sweep you off your feet. So enjoy that bacon burger, and yes, it might be more calories as the salad, but fuck it. Don't just live life, enjoy it. You deserve it.

• WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. News flash, ladies, and gents. CLOTHES DO NOT GIVE YOU CONSENT. THE PERSON DOES. It doesn't matter if they go out wearing less fabric than a bikini if they say no, THEY SAY NO. No means no. it doesn't mean "okay, try to persuade me" or "Ask me again" IT MEANS NOOOOO. And whatever clothes we DO/DONT wear doesn't give anyone the okay to call you a slut or a whore. Your clothes do not define you, your personality defines you. So tell anyone who decides to call you a hoe off and don't be afraid to say NO. The simple word can help in so many situations.

• APPARENTLY, WOMEN CANT HAVE TOO MUCH SEX. But, don't worry, a man can. Sex is amazing, there I said it, so why should anyone be ashamed upon for having it? Men get called players, earning a "score" when they take new women home, but women get called sluts. Sex, apparently, isn't "ladylike" and I agree. Sex is dirty, nasty, and sinfully beautiful and it is most definitely something everyone should enjoy having. It should never be a sin to enjoy sex. If you enjoy riding your man's dick all night while calling him daddy, then why let a few mean words come between you and that heavenly orgasm? Fuck all those people who call you a slut. It's their loss, really. They clearly aren't satisfied, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be. The only person you're a slut too is your man under those thin cotton sheets. So be a slut, get freaky. There is nothing wrong with sex so people really should stop shaming it for no goddamn reason. (I, personally, haven't had sex before, but I know it's never a bad thing and it never should be considered a bad thing.) Ladies, have all the sex you want. It's not illegal to have a good time. YOUR VALUE SHOULD NEVER BE BASED ON YOUR SEXUAL HISTORY.

• THIS ISNT THE EARLY 1900'S. NOTHING YOU DO HAS TO BE "LADYLIKE". Swear, fuck, wear explicit clothes, wear no clothes, open your legs if it makes you comfortable (even if you are wearing a dress), tell people how it is, and most importantly, NEVER BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIVE IN NO MATTER WHAT THE CAUSE. So many people call it "rude" to talk back, especially parents and elderly, but if they're giving you a hard time, give them one back by making taste their own foul medicine.

• Last but not least, DONT TURN ON EACH OTHER. If you found out your boyfriend was sleeping with some other woman, don't call her a whore. What the fuck did she do? Blame your boyfriend for even sleeping with someone else in the first place and move on. Now, it would be a different scenario if the women knew who you were or knew then the guy was dating you, but it still isn't right to call her s whore. Hate her all you want, but don't call any woman a whore, slut, bitch, or any other mean word unless used for sexual pleasure (You freaks).


Kaitlynn, the nothing but proud feminist.