Ambitious, with a distinctive voice, songwriter, regal on the stage and without fear of making great collaborations, Dua Lipa is a name you will hear a lot in the coming months.

Singer and songwriter Dua Lipa is one of the most famous rising stars of the moment: from the age of 14 she is making noise on YouTube with covers by Rihanna, and a couple of months ago debuted her debut album, a work that took her some two years, and that now is making it sound around the world with songs like New Rules. She was one of our favorite female artists from last year, and we are sure that in 2017 we will see her everywhere.

In recent months, this young London native from Kosovo has released no more than six hits in a row, two singles in the top 10 international charts and has won nominations for both the Brit Awards and the BBC Sound of 2016 He has collaborated with people like Major Lazer, Sean Paul, Martin Garrix and Miguel and already kneads an army of loyal fanatics.

As if that were not enough, her sense of style and badass attitude have made her one of our favorite new artists, so we want to share with you some reasons why we like it so much:

1 .Started on YouTube:

Although many might assume that Dua Lipa's success occurred overnight, the young singer and songwriter has been working for a long time to get to where she is: at 14 she started to cover covers by artists such as Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Nelly Furtado to his YouTube channel, and shortly after, he moved from Kosovo to London to pursue a career in music when he was just 16 years old. Dua says that she never had a plan B, and although she jumped from job to job, from a saleswoman in a store to a restaurant host and modeling, this helped her appreciate even more the position she is now in and matured from early age.

2 . He took the time to launch a great LP debut

Dua Lipa began work on his debut album since 2015, and it took him two years to achieve the music he wanted from producers Emile Haynie (Lana Del Rey, FKA twigs) and Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow, Charli XCX). Although he had planned to publish it in September of last year, he delayed it a few months to make adjustments and that was how in June he sent us his first self-titled album, and things worked out well because with the delay he had extra promotion time: he released six singles , including a collaboration with Martin Garrix.

3 . Has a unique voice

Dua's voice is what most listeners notice the first time they hear it: they often compare it to Amy Winehouse or Joss Stone, and sometimes to Adele's style when she sings ballads. It's that vocal quality that sets her apart from many female artists today, and proof of this is her well-known cover of the song I'd Rather Be Blind by the legendary Etta James, who demonstrates her power and who undoubtedly places her as one of the most distinctive pop singers of today.

4 . She is an expert on collaborations

Apart from the aforementioned collaboration with Martin Garrix, Scared To Be Lonely, Dua has also recently worked on a track on Sean Paul's new album called No Lie, as well as on Wale's track My Love, where he appears alongside Major Leisure and WizKid. In addition, one of his first singles of his new disc was Lost In Your Light, that counts on the voice of Miguel. As if that were not enough, the song that closes his album is called Homesick, and is a collaboration with Chris Martin of Coldplay, one of his favorite singers.

5 . Write your own songs

Dua Lipa may be in excellent company when it comes to collaborations, but the 22-year-old singer is also a talented songwriter as she wrote all the songs on her album except Be The One. She also wrote Wake Up Alone by The Chainsmokers with Jhene Aiko, and in fact, is constantly writing so much, that many of the songs on his album had to be excluded. Fortunately, his success New Rules was not one of them: he already has over 150 million views on YouTube.

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