it consumes your time ⏰

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Whenever you have free time, you will probably check your phone to see whatever your friends posted on Instagram or something like that. There nothing with that, the problem begins when after checking Instagram, you go to We Heart It , later YouTube, etc. In what you thought were only five minutes in your phone became two hours of nonsense.

an excess could damage your social skills 🔪

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According to Yazino founder Hussein Chahine: “Communication is constantly evolving. Some people are as used to seeing their friends’ online avatar as they are their face.” In fact, you are probably more likely to speak to your friends and family through an electronic device, like a phone or computer, than face-to-face. This makes face to face communication harder for people, even causing anxiety in them.

you stop enjoying moments as much as you did before 🌌

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For example, people who record concerts or parties are less like to remember the event as in people who do not. You are putting your attention on how you are going to take the picture, in which angle, with flash or not and taking the right picture instead of enjoying and living the moment. “My desire to capture the moment actually ruins the moment,” said Joshua Fields in a The Minimalists article. We focus so much on how are we going to show social media how interesting are our lives that we stop enjoying life as much.

does this mean social media is evil?💔

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No, but an excess of it could be damaging for the user. This article is not telling
you to quit social media, just try to use it less than you did before. For example, putting your phone away more often, or not sleeping next to your phone, or simply go outside without it more frequently.