Hey you... Yes, you!

Look arround and tell me what you see.. Pretty faces? Or pretty masks ?

We all are different but we all have the same things in our soul: a demon and an angel. That's why sometimes we're so happy that we make hard promisses and that's why we're so mad that we make terrible things...
In the moment, we can't even think what we're are doing.

They control us

demons, depression, and ghost image

Be nice with other people, be kind and let them show you the angel within. But never call their demons because you don't know what you're dealing with. You have an animal inside and it makes you blind so you don't understand how bad the things you do can be. Even the most fancy, pinky, cutie people can turn into monsters, don't play with them, just call the angel and try not to show your own demon.
Our demons don't kill just the other people, they can kill us too!

"-who are you?
-Demon to some, angel to others."

What do you think?
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