So you're probably thinking "ugh school". Theres nothing wrong with that but if you look hella mf deep you'll find out that school isn't that bad you probably don't even want to admit it to yourself but before we start just know don't be scared to be the only one that enjoys school bc why the fuck not, so here are so tips I'm going to give you that might help you to get your shit together this school year :)

When I say this i mean KEEP OUTTA DRAMA: gossiping isn't going to help your gpa or grades you might think drama is fun because its something to focus on like something to feel that empty whole in your heart, but its not, the only thing it does it destroy friendships and fuck your feelings up, but if you see a kid getting picked on hells ya you should interfere. Don't be the bystander that did nothing. Focus on your work not other peoples problem.

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Keep a good 2-3 friends you fw heavy, you do not have to be popular to be happy ! You don't need the whole school to be your friend to make you feel better about yourself, don't expect everybody that walks into your life to have good intentions for your life. Keep that friend group small and drama free, surround yourself with people that motivates you, makes you feel happy & good about yourself!

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Tip numba 3: WORK HARD

Girl/Boyy if you want your life to be one of the we heart it pictures like traveling or eating at fancy places guess what those things need money, focus on your books be on time to classes study ! Nothing comes out of nothing, success is not free nor is it given, you have to work but don't overwork! You with me? And if you want to get into a collage you can take high classes to help your gpa. So watch out and work harddd.

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Yes Yes I know I was just talking bout working hard yea yea but sometimes you need to give yourself a break don't overwork yourself that you don't know how to have fun, let loose! The moments you make are going to be the ones your remember when your 90 years old, I'm pretty sure you don't want your life memories to be you overworking yourself and being stuck in a text book, live life AND work hard :))))!

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Tip numba five: NEVER GIVE UP

There are going to be times when the stress and school work is getting to you there will be times when your up at 3am trying to study for a test or finishing homework i'll tell you this, don't loose hope just know that everything your doing will amount to some thing, just imagine yourself swimming in the clearest water or counting money or doing whatever the hell you want in the future for your motivation. You remember that your a boss ass bitch that no pieces of paper can get to you like this!

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Well that is it i hope you guys enjoy this as much as i enjoyed making it ! Peace loves.

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