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Ok, first of all I want to point out that it wasn't my fault. Not at all.
Now, my job is a very peculiar one: we are most known as Cupids so my duty, you know, is to make you fall in love.
We use bows and arrows, yes, but you don't have to picture us as chubby, curly toddlers: we look like very normal people. Lady Bronzea, for example, who is the closest thing to a boss for me, well she looks like an old lady, white hair and big vintage glasses, because nobody ever minds old ladies, she says.
You see, in my job there are two things needed. The first one is punctuality, of course, we need to be at the right place in the exact right moment, to shoot the arrow. This is a very important thing: it would be a real shame if you, just imagine, you are going to meet your match, the love of your life, but the Cupid is not there and you happen to look down to check your phone and your other half suddenly turns left instead ...ew...you know what I mean?
The second thing needed is of course aim, and a very good one, to get the target right. I mean, not just the person, but also the body part, because there is a different possible target for each tipe of love: there is the Intellectual Love, when you hit both their heads, the Platonic Love when you join their hands, the Sexual Love when you aim at lower body parts, and of course the Romantic Love: both hearts in the same line. And that's art, pure art.
But that's not all, don't forget the arrow: again, different arrow for different Love. Like, the wooden arrow is meant for a very short love, but still longer than the one from a paper arrow. The silver and golden arrows build a stronger love, and the iron arrow is a tricky one, because it hurts...but the best arrow in the whole world is the diamond one: that's meant for Real Love, the love that lasts a lifetime and sometimes even more.
And this is what I had to do today, shoot a diamond arrow, when the catastrophe happened.
Ok, I had to match a chef guy and a teacher girl, they had to meet in a beautiful park and then he should have made a plate full of love just for her and so on. But this particular guy, he managed to mess it all: he fell, yes he fell, like on a leaf, when I had just shot. And the arrow only brushed him a little, and it changed its way and, bouncing on a lamppost, it came back to crash on me. Right on my solid chest.
That is so wrong, my boss is going to be really mad when she founds out, like did it even happened before?
And me, oh now I'm madly in love and absolutely adore that chef guy. And I look creepy as hell going to his restaurant every sigle day with my heart pumping as if I am constantly on the run...
I've had quite a long career and made some nice shots, like that little nun girl and Casanova back in time, or also Cosimo de Medici and Eleanor, and never felt a thing... and you may call it Karma if you like, but I used to live for pizza and chocolate bars, I was so happy and now they don't even taste good. And it's like there is no air to breathe anywhere.
But I have to find a way to fix this, I hope they will forgive me, or...you know, for a minute there I've also thought about hitting him with a nice arrow, something harmless, a wooden one, just to....oh, but I haven't gotten out of my mind like that, no...
Well, not yet...

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- Lucian - Sick Of Love feat. Beth Duck
- Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
- Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself
- Cashmere Cat - Love Incredible feat. Camila Cabello

Thank you so much for reading! :)
Juliet ~♥