I have to admit it, I am a true TV shows lover. I'm obsessed with them since i was in the 5th grade. Right now i'm a freshman in high school, so i guess my love for shows is strong enough to make a list with some of my favorite shows and show it to you.

#10 Gilmore Girls

daughter, gif, and gilmore girls image
This show is about a strong mother-daughter relationship and it describes the struggles they have to face daily.

#9 Gossip Girl

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Money, important families and, of course, gossip. These are the key words for this show. Even though i really hate gossips, i'm not a rich child and my family is just an ordinary one, i could relate with this show more that i expected. It all starts with Gossip Girl, the main secret character and with the complicated friendship between Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen.

#8 The Vampire Diaries

An ordinary girl falls in love with a vampire. Sounds basic, huh? Well everything becames interesting when you add a true friendship, the vampire's brother, enemies and the thirst for blood. *if you enjoy this show, i recommand watching The Originals also. I mean, you wanna know how vampires were created, don't you?

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#7 Teen Wolf

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If you're a fan of supernatural creatures, you must Watch Teen Wolf immediately. As the other shows, Teen Wolf has a true complicated friendship that faces a million struggles. Chimeras, Banshees, Hellhounds and Nogitsunes - key words/ some of the unique things you'll fiind watching TW.

#6 Pretty Little Liars

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Death, Betrayals, Friendship, Lies, -A (key words) + A LOT OF MISTERY. Believe me, that's enough to know before you watch it.

#5 Once Upon a Time

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If you miss your childhood, Watch this damn show. I promise you'll love it. The Disney & Grimm Brothers stories all in one place.

#4 Riverdale

riverdale, gif, and lili reinhart image gif and riverdale image
If solving cases is your weakness, you'll like this Netflix show. Also, the main squad is literally goals.

#3 13 Reasons Why

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If you experienced bullying, you've seen someone being bullied or you just know what bullying means, this show will have such a big impact on you, it will make you see the thoughts of the victim and the consequences of bullying and being disrespectful. It will also make you understand you need to express your love for someone else.

#2 Atypical

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If you have autism or not, we all know that life being an autist isn't simple at all. It takes sacrifice and practice to become almost "normal". In my opinion, being a child with autism means you're a god damn genius. I won't say more about this subject here, but definetely i'll write an article all about it.

#1 Degrassi: Next Class

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Honnestly, this isn't even one of my favorites, but i realised this show presents so many struggles nowadays teens have to face and it shows you how to solve them. I found it pretty useful even though i don't have those problems. I recommand this with all my heart and I really hope it will help some of you find yourself.

That's all for now, hearters!
I hope you liked my list and i wish really bad you'll watch those TV shows. If you've already watched some of these, I'll seriously like to see what do you think about them.