so i don't even know if anyone is gonna even take the time or effort to read this but im just really writing this to relieve all my stress so if you know i haven't used this app in over a year and when i did (back in 2016) i just used it too see my account so i haven't been here for like 2 years or maybe more anyway i just wanna say i havent used this app cuz honestly i kinda forgot about it also i just havent been feeling myself ive just been feeling really shitty and schools about to start in like 2 days and i honestly know thats gonna make me feel more shit then i already do and i literally came to this app checked all my notifs and my messages and theres ppl messaging me so much rude shit like idec anymore like at home i feel shit at school i feel shit i dont need this here nor do i want it and i know some of you guys are pissed i havent been here byt theres no need to comment rude shit and thnx to you guys who asked nicely and were concerned tbh i dont know why im writing this and i dont think ill be back but yh thats all