• Food, drink and O2

Eating good food is so important! I suggest mainly whole plant foods. That means potatoes, pasta, rice, nuts, beans and lots of veggies!
You've heard it before: "it’s good for your skin, immune system and literally everything" but it is!!! Honestly, try your best to drink 2 litres of water a day, it does wonders, I swear. Recently, I've been rubbish at drinking water- I'm talking a cup a day and I've really felt it tumble down on me. Water helps so much I promise.
Fresh air is just as important, I try to go outside every morning before looking at my phone and the days I don't, I find my mind a lot more likely to become clogged and blurred.

• Yoga + exercise

Okay, I'm a teenager, I don't like working out, I don't, I find it boring. I found some things I do like though- I like being outside. I started to cycle and do yoga. When I say cycle I don't mean along a road, that's boring. I explore. I visit some cows, sheep and whoever I come across. I love it because I can just get away. Think about it, I literally leave civilisation, be alone, breathe and make new friends (cows, sheep and whoever I come across) its fab.

As for yoga, I do this outside and before breakfast. When I do yoga, I meditate- I know what you're thinking, and trust me, I thought it too but please please please, please try it. It'll change your life.

• Sleeping regularly, for a long time and at an early time

Sleep. Oh, my goodness sleeping is so important. I recommend 9 hours every night so you can be fully charged by the morning. Emphasis on the morning. Wake up in the morning. I used to go to bed at 3ish and wake up at 1 or 2, my days were so unproductive and my mental health plummeted. Now, however, I have done a complete 360 and turned into a grandma... I go to bed at 9 most nights and wake up at 6... I know... strange for a teenager huh? But I'm happier in the day than the night.

• Alone time

I recently went on holiday with my family for 3 weeks, constantly with people, my only alone time was in the shower! By the end of it I was crying at little things (check out my last post ;)) I realised how much I need to be alone and just breathe.

Love, Katelyn