The internet sometimes asks me what I feel
So I decided to unbox my secrets and create my reel
First off a few words, who I am inside
I’m Ana, I’ll soon be twenty-one, this I cannot hide

My favorite thing to do is definitely write
I also read an awful lot, just take a look at my book pile
I love music and poetry but movies are my life
Black and white or Technicolor, any classic is all right

In a week I’ll be moving away for the first time
I’ll live on my own on a campus, to my room I’ll bid goodbye
This will be my first attempt at adulting and becoming wise
I’m going on ERASMUS to Winchester, feel free to join my ride

Hopefully I’ll drink plenty of tea, who knows if I’ll party all night
I just want to live adventures, I’m striving to get by
I’ll be studying Shakespeare, memorizing every single line
I am beyond scared and excited but I’m sure it will be fine

Whenever I feel lonely I’ll put on earphones and take a stroll
It will be oh so wonderful, one hour from London
Blossoming into a new me like I fell down a rabbit hole