This is my first article and eventually I will start writing about interesting things but for now, here's a few facts about me.

-My name is Abby
-I'm 5'7"
-I have weird reddish, blondish, brownish hair and blue eyes
-I love dogs
-I'm a big Harry Potter fan
-I've been to 4 concerts
-I love bands and you tubers
-I own three instruments but don't know how to play any of them
-I like to write, make art and take pictures but I'm not good at any of them
-This is the third time I've written this article because I keep accidentally deleting it
-I enjoy listening to music and reading books
-I wish I was better at makeup than I am
-I love making new internet friends
-I wish my life was as aesthetically pleasing as my whi collections
-I'm always here to talk to anyone who needs help

(the cover image is my picture from the twenty one pilots concert I went to last year!)