anyone that knows me knows how much i love london. i'm completely and utterly in love with london and i just can't help it.

i (unfortunately) do not live in london, yet. however i am lucky enough to go to london almost every weekend. i would also be lying if i told you that i didn't know pretty much all of the tube map and if you tell me where you need to go i'll get you there.

as i've said before and i'll say it again, i can't always be myself. especially in this generation and where i live. this all changes when i come to london. its one of the only places in the world where i can really be who i want to be.

in all, london is like a love affair who keeps supplying and just never ends. london accepts who i am. london has showed me that no matter what you look like, what your religion, where you're from, who you are or if you're rich or poor. at the end of the day we are all jut humans trying our hardest, well at least in london. and for this lesson i will forever be grateful. so thank you london for forever having my heart.