And now I'm laying under the curtain of stars, thinking about feelings. Why is it so hard to feel numb just for a moment? You can't stop the avalanche of feelings.
They come at you late at night and leave you speechless.
To realize that even you don't know how to describe pain burning in your heart is the worst feeling ever.
Because if you can't then who understands? There will be people telling you that you have to fight no matter what. But they don't understand.
They don't have to carry the weight of your own world. The world that you're trapped into.
You feel it's over. You can't help yourself and neither anybody in this world can. Pain made you close your eyes and you can't see the better days.
I'm wondering once again why is it so hard to stop being so emotional, to stop overthinking and mentioning people who are gone.
No one ever admits how hard it is to let go. It is hard as hell.
Because you're going through your own hell and you're basically alone. No one has ever lost the same people as you and no one has seen them in the way as you. Only you know how painful it is to lose your soulmate.
Here's an anthem to all hurt souls. Nobody has the right to judge you unless they are in the same situation. You can't just turn off the emotions. It takes weeks, months, years. Pain doesn't go away so quickly. So take your time and make sure that you're numb when it comes to that special person you lost. I'm trying to discover myself too. Maybe then I will understand...
Time, contrary to what they say, doesn't have to heal the wounds.

-The Starchild