It is not beginning of that year. Actually we are closer to the end of 2017. Don't say, someone would say.
I used to do a new year list as many does. Then, a few years ago, I decided to not write down what I want to do. I decided to just do it.
This year was really ... weird I would say.
Lot of thing has changed.
I figured out that my life passions isn't really passion of my life. My values has changed.
Year ago wouldn't go out without make-up. Now I got problem with putting make-up on...
I am more aware of my diet and health. Still eat too much chocolate but it is way better.
But back to some decisions - there are still things I wanted to do and haven't yet. In that case I think writting them down will help me to not forget or give up on them.

1. Read some books - the list of books to read is too long but there are a few positions I MUST read. So, read them, J.
2. Visit Berlin - Weihnachtsmarkt - always wanted to visit them. Why not the capital and Weihnachtsmarkt at the same time ? Especially that I am going to live close enough to go to Berlin in one-day trip.
3. Be back to jogging - something I miss. Something I was not able to do recently. Something I am waiting for. Few weeks left, J.
4. Treat yourself - big challenge in my case. Don't forget about yourself. Never ever.
5. Care about your friend. Friendship isn't something guaranteed. You need to give something from yourself. You need to have time for friends.