I won first place in a Kpop Dance Cover contest in the Vitoria Gasteiz and they give me Miso's first single, a "kpop is my life" shirt and 20โ‚ฌ. Since I didn't know who Miso was I was a little upset and they didn't give me the money until the next contest that was few weeks after this one.
So the next contest day (I had 2nd place) they give me the money of the last contest. In this contest place there were also lot of kpop and anime and freak stands and I went to search something cool to buy with those 20โ‚ฌ. I found a stand with a lot of albums and I saw this one, nct27 Limitless and I decides to spend the money on that one. It was my first kpop album. and its so cool, i mean, it has a lot of thing inside. Lot of stickers, photos... its amazing, its one of the coolest albums i have seen. I had Marks postcard, Winwins poster and Taeils drawings.