Hey guys!
My last article got a LOT of traffic so thank you so much for reading it. I guess you like the whole world empowerment thing right? So as promised I'm back to talk about another issue I promised you guys!
LGBTQ rights, something I am so close to, I have three brothers I'm the only girl and one of mine is Gay the other is Trans. Listening to the stuggles of them and our family is horrific, I will never understand why people hate other people. The world is so cruel to the people who are different.
Let's start out with this, what does LGBTQ stand for? Easy enough to answer Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer, but the words mean to other are different. It's pretty simple actually girls like girls, boy's like boy's, girl like boys and girl or vise versa, girl feels more like a boy or vise versa, and Queer is like a blanketerm, Got all that? Good.

But no matter you Identify as you're a person, you're not some alien from outer space, you don't have to be outcasted, or made fun of, you don't deserve that. You deserve rights, human dignity, love, and the possiblty of it and, for that reason people need to start adding a simple question into there vocabulary. What are your pronouns?
This question may seem stupid it's just a question right? but no, this translates into I'm YOUR allie,I respect you and your sex/gender. We HAVE to be allies to those who need it, because, we all need friends and if someone you care about "comes out" respect them, they're the same person the only thing that's changed is they're decison.

(As always, please ignore my spelling or grammer issues)
Love you all, mia bellas!