Let's talk about these teenage years for once, shall we?

How confusing can this life period be?
How come half of the time we feel like a bomb hit us in the brain?
How can we feel so unsure and insecure about every decision we have to make?
How is it possible that we always think it can only get better, these are the hard years, but in the end, it keeps on getting tougher an tougher.

All we ever hear is "the teenage years", the time of your life.
All they ever say is life is now, you'll never be as young as you are right now, live it, experience things.
All we have to focus on is school, whilst we already have enough troubles and thoughts in our private and social life.

We find security in knowing that maybe we all feel like this at times.
We find securities in music lyrics and quotes.
We find security in our best friends and our families, the only ones who are always there for you.

Sometimes we need someone to hug us and tell us everything is going to be just fine.
Sometimes we need someone to assure us that everything is going to happen at the right time.


But isn't it calming to know that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet?
Isn't it calming to have faith in whatever you believe in?
isn't it calming to know that life goes on and that everything, everything, trust me, passes?

Life is a journey with ups and downs.
Life is made of mistakes and lessons.
Life is a blessing, a precious gift we're not thankful for enough.
Life should NOT be one of those things you learn to appreciate only once it's gone.

But most importantly, it's YOUR journey.
It's YOU who lives it day by day.
If YOU don't like something about it, the power is in YOUR hands to change it.
At the end of the day, it's YOU and only YOU.

And it's okay if you feel helpless.
It's okay if you're still learning about yourself, finding yourself.
It's okay to cry, to make mistakes and to have bad days.

Give it time,

Time; the only thing we need and the only thing we don't have enough of.