Hello beautiful people♥

These are just tips and something I would probably wear, I hope you like it♥

You always want to look and feel your best. And, the perfect confidence-boosting outfit shouldn’t be a challenge.So, all depends on where you planned to go with the boy. ☺

1 . If you go to dinner you could wear this♥

fashion, outfit, and skirt image
dress, fashion, and outfit image

2 . If you go to sport event wear this♥

fashion, adidas, and style image
dress, fashion, and outfit image

3 . If you go to museum wear this♥

fashion, girl, and outfit image
blouse, casual, and clothes image

4 . If you go to watch movie wear this♥

belly, breezy, and curls image
fashion, girl, and style image
( without glasses )

5 . If you go to hiking wear this♥

outfit image
girl, hipster, and outfit image

6 . If you go to new bar you could wear this♥

fashion, style, and outfit image
fashion, outfit, and style image
fashion, jeans, and outfit image

That's all. Hope you liked it ♥

Much love.

( @my_little_world__ )