You know life is a bitch but it's still good

I know that in a few days we wake up so angry that just reading and listening about 'positive thoughts' it's enough to make us feel like throwing a bomb in every part of the world, but this article is for those days when it seems that the world is the one that is bombing us.

There's a lot of good things in the universe...

Things that show how much the universe loves you

- rain
- gardens
- birds
- the all blue sky
- the sea
- trees
- rainbows
- animals
- fresh wind
- the stars
- the sun
- the moon

Things that make the world a little bit better

- hugs
- books
- music
- tea
- coffee
- real friends
- brothers and sisters
- grandparents
- dedicated parents
- ice cream
- potato chips
- tv series
- phothography
- poetry
- internet
- art
- children

... just pay attention <3