1) You are growing up.

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It is ok to feel confusing sometime.

2) Don't be afraid to fall in love.

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İt is normal to feel love. Just make sure that it won't harm you.

3)You'll lose friends.

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This is tottally fine. That means you are learning. Do not be sad. You will find better than her/him. Who are reaally love you and care about you. Who you are with really feel comfortable. Let them go. For both of yours favor.

4) Your family is have to be everything for you.

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They only wish to see you ok. I mean more than ok. Respeect them and love them. Those people will love forever. No one can love you more than your mom and dad does.

5) Study! Study more!

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This is your only chance to make your future brighter.

6) Make time to have hobbies.

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You have so long way to go. So learn somethimg to do. Trust me it will help you later.

7) Cry if you want or laugh...

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You are human. Do not hide your feelings.

8)Read a book.

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İntelligence is sexy. İt is not just sexy. Books will guide to you what to do.

9)Look after yourself.

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Have long showers, have short nap, drink more water, eat well... You have only and one body. So look after it well.

10) Exercise

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Don't be lazy. Stand up and do some streches. You will see how your body is changing.

11) Be kind.
Being kind is cutest thing ever. İt just cost 0.

12) Pretend who you want to be.

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Not what world want.

13)Smile often.

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Science prove it that, it is take awa your pain. And smile is really look good on you.

14) Do not to be afraid to share your problems.

15)It is not always a good idea to wait for your prince.

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Go and get your crown on your own.

16) People can do everything to hurt you. They can lie, talk behind your back... It is happening to everybody. Be strong about it. Just smile at them and say 'fuck your opinion and you' .

17) Everything that you see as a problem now, will be a nothing a year later. Learn to handle it. And love yourself.