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Last night we were tired and when we went to the bed, we couldn't talk too much.I tought, what if you didn't feel the same anymore, but you just can't tell me, because the truth hurts.Last days we had too much fighting, so I was scared. I was sad and disappointed, and thought that I'd like to go back in time, like when we first slept together. At this time, you put your head to mine and cuddled me so tight, that I forgot every bad thing.I thought, we looked like Lady and the tramp. Actually, in real, that position wasn't the best for sleeping and it was more, than uncomfortable, but something changed in my mind. I remembered the day, we first spent the night together, after a long friday. You cuddled me in the bed, and you said, it was like you have always waited for it. I felt the same and I thought, I found my home in your heart.Than you realized some hair on the back of my neck and the all situation became funny, but I will never forget that night. When you cuddled me last night, I felt the same, like this first night and I hope, that I will always feel this way, sleeping next to you.