So now that I've explained the nature of magick (check part 1), I'm excited to talk about the morals of a witch because I feel as if it would be irresponsible for me to talk further about magick until I cover this. The important thing to remember about witchcraft is that it is not a religion, it is a practice and therefore, the process of witchcraft requires no moral guidelines in and of itself. However as a community of witches, we have diverse thoughts and opinions about how to practice witchcraft ethically. A common rule of thumb is that it is immoral to manipulate someone's free will. That you may control whatever natural or external forces as you can but that the minds and hearts of other people are sacred. Witches with this philosophy will make spells more centered around their lives, making themselves more open to change, making opportunities come, but allowing other people to make their own decisions. Remember that this is only one magickal philosophy. Others state that any means of magick is acceptable as long as all other mundane (non magickal) means have been exhausted. Usually what someone finds acceptable is unique and personal to them, at the same time, it's important to start thinking about your limits now if you're following along with my posts because as I talk about curses, love magick, and binding you may start to consider morality again. I can offer only information, it is up to you where your limits are.

It also may have something to do with your religious beliefs. Most religions have their own code of ethics and expectations. Witches who are Wiccans (and there's a lot of them) typically, but not always, follow the Rede which states, 'An it harm none, do what ye will'. There are various versions when it comes to the actual wording but the message is: don't harm anything. They also typically believe in the law of of three which states that whatever you put out (be it good or bad) comes back to you three times over.

When it comes to curses, there are many beliefs. Some think that curses are never acceptable, others use them only as means of self defense, and some use them as necessary. It all depends on your personal thought on the matter. It is for no one else to tell you what is acceptable, it is for you to decide. Remember too that there are various degrees to cursing and hexes.