ive been loving some new artist lately and their vibe kind of go with the whole fall, chilly, rainy type of theme and i felt like i should share what i have been listening to recently so enjoy!!

1. the a team by ed sheeran
2. liability by lorde
3. perfect places by lorde
4. little things by one direction
5. autumn leaves by ed sheeran
6. sweater weather by the neighbourhood
7. ain't nobody takin my baby by russ
8. amnesia by 5 seconds of summer
9. team by lorde
10. therapy by khaild
11. this town by niall horan
12. training wheels by melanie martinez
13. fools by troye sivan
14. someone like you by adele
15. chasing pavements by adele
16. youth by daughter
17. love by daughter
18. such a boy by astrid s
19. breathe by astrid s
20. bloodstream by astrid s
21. go gina by sza
22. theres nothing holding me back by shawn mendes
23. ruin by shawn mendes
24. three empty words by shawn mendes
25. another sad love song by khaild
26. coaster by khaild
27. dont be a fool by shawn mendes
28. like this by shawn mendes
29. homeade dynamite by lorde
30. no promises by shawn mendes
31. lights on by shawn mendes
32. honest by shawn mendes
33. i miss the old u by blackbear
34. hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone by blackbear
35. chateau by blackbear
36. bad reputation by shawn mendes

sorry for so much shawn mendes, i just love him so much though!!!
hope you will add some of these songs to your playlist. stay tuned for more articles about my past, school, my feelings and fave apps and such. byeeee